Business Consultant

Anılcan Atik

Holding more than 4 years of consultancy experience
My focus on understanding the stories behind the numbers, combined with a strategic approach, helps organizations and individuals to reach their potential.

About Me


This portfolio includes individual and group projects from Graduate program. More recent works can be found on : Github

Machine Learning (Python)

Yelp Sentiment Analysis

Yelp Sentiment Analysis project containing 100.000 reviews presents a binary classification problem, whether the sentiment of the review is positive or negative.

Machine Learning (Python)

German Credit Data Bad Customer Prediction

German Credit Dataset containing 1000 observations with 20 features and a target column, presents a classification problem.

Deep Learning (Python)

Deep Dreaming Project

DeepDream is an experiment that visualizes the patterns learned by a neural network. In this project I try to implement Alexander Mordvintsev's blog post in to minimalistic planet image.

Machine Learning (Python)

Sentiment Analysis for Amazon Movie Reviews Dataset

Sentiment analysis is the interpretation and classification of emotions (positive, negative and neutral) within text data using text analysis techniques.

Data Analysis (R)

Spotify Playlist Analysis

We analyzed the sentiments of current Turkey, USA, Brazil, Japan Top 50 playlists in Spotify and compared them. Following that we analyzed the sentiment distribution change in daily Turkey Top 200 playlists between 2017 and 2019.

Data Analysis (R)

ODD Car Sales Analysis

The ODD dataset includes car sales numbers from the beginning of 2016 through September 2019. We analyzed car sales data between this time interval

Data Analysis (R)

Turkish Private Pension Insurance Dataset Analysis

The BES dataset includes key indicators of Individual Pension System (BES) from the January 2017 through July 2019.

Data Analysis (R)

BKM Credit and Debit Card Dataset

The BKM dataset includes 2010- 2018 December, sectoral distribution of purchases on BKM debit and credit cards data.