Yelp Review Dataset Sentiment Analysis:



Loading Dataset:

I used sample data for google collab document, due to resource constraints. This sampled csv file contains 100k rows and 9 columns. Download link

Removing quotes from columns:

Exploratory Data Analysis:

Position of EDA should be after pre-processing.

Stars Distribution:

Number of Unique Buisnesses Reviewed:

46706 Unique Businesses are reviewed, and most reviewed business contain 128 reviews. (Total number of reviews is 100.000)

Number of Unique Users:

82135 Unique Users posted reviews, and user with most reviews posted 55 reviews. (Total number of reviews is 100.000)

Labeling Positive and Negative Reviews:

In this part, we classify our reviews rating into two classes of 0 (Negative for rating less than and equal to 3) and 1 (Positive for rating more than 3) by creating new column as the "Target" for further processing.

Word Cloud:

Positive Reviews:
Negative Reviews: